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Indoor Collective

Row together,
even when you’re apart

Ipad display of Indoor Collective rowing app
Your erg. Your friends. One shared experience.
“This is a game changer for my rowers. They all push a little harder when they can see each other’s splits.”
Rob Foreman,
Juniors Coach, Seattle WA
"It's perfect for clubs who want to make erg training a team effort and alumni who want to stay connected."
Michelle Guerette,
Olympic Silver Medalist
“I love the audio feature.
An hour on the erg flew by with someone to talk to.”
Erik Winters,
US National Team
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Indoor Collective is the only training app designed for team rowing. Row singles, pairs, fours, or eights, with or without a coxswain.

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Connect Your Erg

Fast and easy integration with PM5 Concept2 ergs
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Invite Your Friends

Set up a team practice or row solo
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Say hello, catch up, and
decide on the workout
on the shared voice channel
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Row Together

See your splits and everyone else’s as you row the boat together
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Erg rowing machine with Indoor Collective app

Train Together

Set up a practice and invite up to 8 people from anywhere in the world. You’ll see each other’s splits and work together to move your boat faster. A common voice channel lets you chat, call practices and egg each other on while rowing.

Talk To Your Team

You don’t need an erg to join a practice. Coxswains can connect their headsets, talk to their team and fine tune their skills within the app.

No Additional Hardware Needed

Indoor Collective works with iPads and iPhones and connects to all Concept 2 ergs with PM5 monitors. We recommend an iPad or iPhone holder for your erg but otherwise you are good to go.
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